Is Kingzone DragonX Too Good?

The 2018 regular season is coming to an end and the change of pace since last year is remarkable. LCK is not just the SKT and Longzhu show anymore, in fact, it is solely the Kingzone show. With a record of 13-2, Kingzone DragonX has locked in their playoff spot for this split. This roster has emerged since being the original Rox Tigers as the most excellent line up in the professional league of legends scene. The way KZ has proven that they are the most adaptive and decisive team in the LCK and eventually in the world is remarkable. BDD’s versatility and with a sea of a champion pool, Khans oppressive way of playing and the magnetism towards the enemy jungler and targetbans. PraY and Gorilla are as a sole unit in a class of its own. Looking at some raw statistics,  KZ has an 82% win-rate in Korea this season and the 5 games with the highest GPM through the regular spring season were with and from Kingzone DragonX. No one has come close to dethrone the former Longzhu lineup this year, and will any team show up to do so?

Domestically? Probably not, I don’t see SK Telecom nor KT Rolster to pull their act together and come out ahead. With the benefit of the doubt in mind, we are still only in the regular season of spring 2018. The Mid Season Invitational is coming up in Berlin and Paris, and hopefully, we will see Kingzone take part in it and we will see how will do and it is probably too early to predict any outcome of Worlds yet.  Neither do I see a future where the Afreeca Freaks who are currently in second place pulls off an upset victory in the spring playoffs.

What is it that makes KZ so prominent this year? The 2018 rune rework have shown that the aggression that was notable already in the Season 6 RoX Tigers days just gelled and slowly evolved into Kingzone, a Kingzone that owns half of the top 6 top KDA players in the whole of LCK.  Evidentally the meta we have seen in season 8 has indeed been a comfort zone for these players. When BDD picked Sion mid versus Fakers Ryze, something sparked. and the best team in the world suddenly had a crucial draft advantage. Sion could be drafted into all three lanes and BDD, Khan and Gorilla could all play it. But at the start of the season with patch 8.3, there was pure aggression shown by King-Zone. Peanut was back on Nidalee and Kha’Zix, PraY was unbeatable on Ezreal and Kalista, and Khan was just being Khan. He played Riven, Camille, Illaoi and of course his infamous Jayce. The way Khan plays is to get champions that have clear priority in the lane to make the top side of the map for Peanut safer to scout over. If we add the fact that BDD also is getting champions that as well receives priority in a lane of champions like Taliyah, Ryze, and Galio makes the upper quadrant a safe zone for Peanut.  PraY and Gorilla show supremacy in every lane matchup they play and rarely lose in the 2v2. If we would define heaven for Peanut, this is it. With winning or at least even lanes, you can play your style with invading, skirmishing, aggressive warding and taking over the game. When the meta consists of solely of Zac and Sejuani that run lows on HP during their first clear, Peanut will be there to take control of the state of the game after 4 minutes has passed. This team is so good all over the map that there is no team coming close to the co-ordination King-Zone has shown this year.


I do believe some teams may rubble the giants of Korea. I have been watching League from all over the world, and there is a team that is, in my opinion, going to be an exciting matchup for Kingzone, and it may be already at MSI this year, Invictus gaming. The way Ning plays in the jungle for IG is impressive, and we know that Chinese League of Legends is aggressive, I want to see how Kingzone performs against this aggression. Pair this with the new meta that we might look for for playoffs when the banner of command meta is dug down and forgotten.

Depending on the actual meta we will see in the next international tournaments may or may not matter as KZ has proven to be on point with the changes that make the most efficient strategy work. However, Kingzone DragonX is the best team in the world.

Today (15/03-18) we have a highly sought after matchup, Kingzone DragonX goes up for KT. I suggest you tune in for that game if you are interested in the top-notch league of legends.

But do not get excited about KT Rolster.


Stats LoL Esports LCK 

ROX Tigers in LCK -16.

Longzhu Gaming in LCK -17.

Kingzone DragonX in LCK -18


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