Week 9 Math Up’s & Prediction’s

FRIDAY, MARCH 16, 2018 – DAY 1

ladda ned (9)Vs.ladda ned (10)
[1-0] Head to head records

The Shook effect is online with thrusters on max. The first game of the week and H2K has been stealing games against G2, Vitality, and Misfits and I believe they will seize this game as well and keep soaring upwards in the standings of this last week of the LCS with potential rookie of the split Sheriff, and their former star jungler shook. If Schalke can perhaps focus out shook in the pick & ban phase, there might be cracks in the foundation of H2K, and the game may suddenly be up in the air. With the introduction of patch 8.5 and the lack of vision on the jungle, there will most likely be more aggressive playstyles all over the games this week, and this might benefit Schalke and Pride.

ladda ned (11)Vs.ladda ned (12)

All over the LCS this week, we will see a lot of contestation over Caitlyn, and possibly Morgana as well. Misfits coming off three consecutive losses want to prove they belong in the playoffs. I want ROCCAT to play up and in the face of this Misfits gaming. Profit has shown prominence on Camille and if he gets his hands on that champion or something similar in terms of aggression and Memento gets to take over the game, it’s game over for Misfits. However, we all saw how the last week went down for ROCCAT, with getting both Skarner and Morgana and steamrolling that game against Vitality, I don’t think Misfits should leave either of these picks up for ROCCAT to claim.

ladda ned (13)Vs.ladda ned (14)

Match-up to watch Odoamne Vs. Cabochard

Splyce has overthrown the EU LCS with their latest KaSing-effect. Five wins in a row since week 6 and Vitality desperately trying to cement the top spot they were designated to have since week 2. There are chances that this 8.5 patch won’t kill Sion as a champion, but it will, however, kill Banner of Command. The matchup that I want you to look at today is the top lane. Odo versus Cabo, Cabochard has since the beginning of this split made it difficult to argue that he is not the best top-lane player in the EU LCS this season. Prioritization of the more carry oriented champions and to take over with Camille or Fiora or maybe a Vladimir is to be seen. And if Vitality is focusing their bans on the top lane, KaSing will have a field day with his champion pool. As tight as it is to predict this, I believe that the Splyce momentum-train will carry on into week 9 and will give them the upper hand.

ladda ned (17)Vs.ladda ned (18)


Giants had an excellent start to this 2018 EU LCS split, however, since week four it has gone downhill, actually since their first clash and loss against Fnatic this season to be precise. With a record of 1-3 on patch 8.4, giants are currently reaching for crumbs with a very rough schedule this week. And with Fnatic looking as strong as ever and with only one loss since the end of week 3. This game is going to be an orange locomotive steaming through the rift to claim the win for Fnatic.

ladda ned (15)Vs.ladda ned (16)

The unicorns had a remarkable comeback story within their reach but dropped it last week with losses against Fnatic and Vitality. Coming into the last week with a strong mentality and the benefit of being the UOL and the surprise factor that’s always with them. G2 have shown some communication issues during this split with four new players that joined Perkz this season. Its draft will elevate this game, UOL cannot give G2 either Zac or Tristana, and Perkz is a nightmare to ban off the map. When does it get better for the unicorns? Not today.

SATURDAY, MARCH 17, 2018 – DAY 2

ladda ned (17)Vs.ladda ned (13)

This Splyce team, specifically Kobbe, and kaSing are on fire currently. The playmaking and engage he has shown at the end of this split has been immaculate on champions like Braum and Rakan, if KaSing can get his hands on something he can initiate fights with or even Zilean, I feel like he can alone run away with the game for Splyce. If Giants want to battle this Splyce lineup they will have to surrender their late-game game plan they have shown that they want to stick with and improve on their early and mid game to be able to rumble Splyce.

ladda ned (10)Vs.ladda ned (12)

Sheriff and H2K have shown that they are already capable of playing Caitlyn to her full potential, expect her to see two bans against H2K this week. The best way to deal with ROCCAT is to focus bans onto Memento and Norskeren and put them off their comfort picks. This will rubble their coordination with Blanc in the middle lane. Expect Shook and Memento to go head to head in the scenarios of battle warding through the map. But Shook with the experience will help H2K to the win.

ladda ned (15)Vs.ladda ned (11)

Expect this middle lane hustle to be bloody, Sencux is finally merging with his team and drawing target bans towards his Anivia. Hopefully, Misfits has solved their communication issues we noticed earlier this split. I am expecting Sencux to be put on an early-game champion that gains priority to help out Maxlore in the early battles. For the unicorns, I am very concerned about Exileh. We have been told he plays recklessly and happily, goes for those low percent plays on champions like Azir and Ryze, my issue is that Exileh with 0 games on Galio in a very Galio centric meta through the entire split puts the Unicorns of Love on the back foot even before the game starts.

ladda ned (16)ladda ned (14)

With a stacked game ahead of us, Wunder going against Cabochard, and Gilius against Jankos and two solid bottom lanes. To me the veteran versus the rookie in the mid lane is the highlight here, Jiizuke cemented his spot as the most successful rookie this split very early even with the sudden slump because even in Vitality’s losses, Jiizuke has looked impressive. Again, G2 is so active with Zac and Tristana, and I consider these two must-bans towards Jankos and Hjarnan. Even as the split has come along Perkz has shown visible frustration in the form of questionable plays. However, with his veteran status, he can never be counted out, the middle lane has a very similar champion pool, and I will not be surprised if there are some “new” picks coming along. The Cassiopeia into Ryze and the Xerath, Vel’Koz or Ziggs into Azir are possible scenarios in this matchup. Two teams with questionable match histories, I believe G2 will win if they can complete the calm and conserved gameplan and the ability to shut down the vitality aggression we most likely see. If Vitality has a game plan where they go for the mid to late game, I believe they have a great chance of success.

ladda ned (18)ladda ned (9)

We can all agree that there surely is little speaking for Schalke in this match, even with Fnatic starting their substitute toplaner Bwipo. Schalke has shown consistency issues emanating from Nukeduck. Schalke needs to find the identity they want to put their time and effort into. Perhaps a curveball is thrown by the FC S04 with a Twisted Fate to match the ability of Caps roaming or Anivia and force Caps to stay in the middle lane or lose his turret. I would like to see Pride focus on that bottom side of the map, try to ban Rekkles and put him behind, in conjunction with Nukeduck picking to keep Caps stuck in the middle lane. However, I do believe Fnatic will 2-0 this week, and anything else would be a significant upset.

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