WEEK 9 Match up’s & Prediction’s

SATURDAY, MARCH 17, 2018 – DAY 1


ladda ned (1)Vs.ladda ned (2)

[1-0] Head to head records

100Thieves, with three straight victories in their back pocketsseem ready to put up a fight today. This is the clash of the “bottom-top.”  If you are a 100Thieves fan, Azir and Skarner are two meta picks that Febiven and Lira have shown potential with and in my eyes deserve two bans or to be taken away. This game is definitely up in the air and will most likely be decided in champion select. Clutch to me feels more versatile and is going to be my pick to come out on top of this one.


ladda ned (3)Vs.ladda ned (4)


Echo Fox has had a rough ending to this split, giving up games to Clutch and CLG. Facing off against FlyQuest, however, should not be an obstacle. However, their record shows there are flaws within the team. If FlyQuest takes away Zac from Dardoch and Ezreal from Altec, I believe their chances increase drastically of winning this game, even if it’s still only a small chance.


ladda ned (5)Vs.ladda ned (19).png



Matchup to watch Doublelift & Olleh vs. Sneaky & Smoothie.

Caitlyn and Morgana are going to be a contested pick all through the LCS this week, and we will for sure see the battle go down in champion select between these two teams. Both Sneaky and Doublelift have shown prominence on the Sheriff of Piltower. Together with Caitlyn we will see more highly contested picks to pair up with Caitlyn in the bottom lane, such as Olleh’s Morgana and Smoothies’s Alistar. And not to forget, Xayah and Rakan are in a must pick, ban or split-up state at the moment. Cloud9 owns the head-to-head score versus Liquid, and I believe C9 will take this win as well with the lack of a definite identity on Team Liquid’s side makes me doubt, and with the strength that Licorice has shown in the toplane, I believe this will go C9’s way.


ladda ned (6)Vs.ladda ned (20)


We all can agree that TSM is on a majestic upswing and aiming for the top with a record of 5 to 1 over the most recent weeks. With the focus on efficient trinket warding to shut down GG’s recklessness and to provide backup to MikeYeung invades in the jungle, this becomes TSM’s game to win with smooth sailing.


ladda ned (7)Vs.ladda ned (8)


With the game plan that has brought CLG a streak of four wins in a row and it’s most important takeaway, Biofrost relieving Reignover from the role as their designated shot caller, CLG will most likely take over the game against OpTic. However, if OpTic were to pull out the upset, it would be to focusing their play onto the bottom-lane and maybe putting Arrow on a playmaking carry, and the ball might be in the air for this one.

SUNDAY, MARCH 18, 2018 – DAY 2

ladda ned (3)Vs.ladda ned (19)


This game is not very satisfying to predict. Cloud9 owns the head to head score and undoubtedly will increase it to a 2-0. When looking at the lanes individually, nothing really speaks for FlyQuest in this game. We know that C9 makes or breaks depending on Jensen’s first back, but against Fly in the middle-lane, I will be disappointed if Cloud9 does not earn the victory screen pre 30 minutes.

ladda ned (20)Vs.ladda ned (2)


With three consecutive losses, Golden Guardians lack momentum and confidence. However, The Guardians are my upset team for this week. GG has stolen games off both Echo Fox and Team Liquid and can put pins in Clutch Gaming’s wheels in their strive for a top seed in playoffs.

ladda ned (7)Vs.ladda ned (6)


The CLGCoin’s value crashed early this split, the worst regular splits in the history of the organization. After a strong showing on patch 8.4 with a record of 4-0, CLG is treading water once again. CLG will want to force fights, 5v5 if they get to choose. For TSM, spreading out the strengths in their roster and commanding superior siege tactics will be the key to success. With week nine on patch 8.5 comes the possibilities that we will also see more aggressive junglers which favor MikeYeung more than Reignover.

ladda ned (4)Vs.ladda ned (1)


Match of the day

Matchup to watch

Huni vs. Ssumday

100Thieves have confidence and three recent W’s in their back pocket. Both these teams are holding up top positions in the NA LCS standings. With a possible tie that includes Echo Fox, 100Thieves, Cloud9 and Clutch Gaming, this game will mean a lot to the standings, and the game is tough to predict. I’m, putting my money in the 100Thieves basket. I believe Aphromoo and Cody Sun have gelled together and can make this game not only exciting but also fast-paced and entertaining. Looking up to the toplane we have the Korean clash. Huni has shown that he is one of the best toplaners in the NA LCS this split, and I want to see if Ssumday can put him down. 

ladda ned (5)Vs.ladda ned (8)


Team Liquids playoff-spot is secured with a win against OpTic, even if CLG goes 2-0 this week. This game will be over shortly after it starts if TL gets rolling, and if Doublelift gets an advantage the game will suddenly be over.

The tiebreakers.

A total of 4 teams capable of ending this split ranging from first to sixth place, Clutch Gaming, 100Thieves, Echo Fox and Cloud9. Pair these up with Team Solo Mid and Team Liquid, and you’ve got six teams fighting for that top spot in the NA LCS standings this spring. The four first mentioned teams have already locked in a place for the playoffs, but not locked in a seed or bye. If TSM gains the victory over Golden Guardians, they, too lock in their name on the playoff menu. Liquid’s run for playoffs is similar, however, if CLG does not go 2-0 this coming weekend, TL can kick back and relax. If the stars align, we might technically have a six-way tie amongst these aforementioned teams, vying to claim that playoff bye for the semi-finals. For this to become a reality, Cloud9 and Echo Fox have to go 0-2, and 100Thieves has to lose to Clutch Gaming. This will result in a five or six-way tie depending on if Team Liquid also wants in. You can read everything about tie-breakers, and it’s rules here. This proves the NA LCS script still holds true, TSM grows to become a top contestant in the playoffs, the playoffs buff affects CLG and TL is on its way to fourth place.

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2 thoughts on “WEEK 9 Match up’s & Prediction’s

  1. Do teams have to declare their starters before their match? Like Yesterday, do teams know ahead of time that Papachau and Damonte would play ahead of the regular starters?


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