Spring Play-Offs [SPY-ROC]


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Coming into the playoffs, Roccat with eight wins and ten losses and on the upswing from the regular spring season. Comparing this to Splyce, whose record is 11 to 8 and 1-1 head-to-head record against Roccat. Splyce has had the better regular season, that’s for sure. Nisqy and company had a hard time to find momentum and identity to put their effort into, the latter end of this split has shown some light at the end of that tunnel. KaSing has demonstrated that he wants to be the playmaker of this team, has a pocket pick Zilean and is able to play Morgana. In this playoff run, it is going to be important. Splyce’s bot lane will be where to look for plays. Kobbe and KaSing will most likely come out on top from that lane against HeaQ & Norskeren. Keeping Caitlyn away from HeaQ will be a strong point, and Splyce will be able to threaten to pick up both Xayah & Rakan in their red side games. The matchup I want you to look into as much as you can is Xerxe’s and Memento’s clash in the jungle. I believe that Splyce is going to the semi-finals with their unpredictability and final shot calling as the main reason.

Top: Profit vs Odoamne

A big takeaway from the past games between these two teams is that Cabochard played carries both times. The first and only game we saw of Jayce and next time it was on the Gangplank. The meta has evolved so we might not see Jayce much more and Gangplank might be a permaban because of Cabochards prominence on the champion. Profit needs to be put on a tank.The way Roccats draft makes this very possible to happen. Focusing around their strong bot and jungle synergy.

Jungle: Xerxe vs Memento

Dealing with Xerxe’s massive champion pool and the surprise effect he has on his opponents are always a feat on its own. The chance that Xerxe pulls out the Ivern is small but present,  and never knowing for sure what’s coming onto the rift in Splyce’s jungle gives them a big head start. Meanwhile, this is for sure in favor of Splyce, we have seen Memento take over games singlehandedly. Giving Roccat Kha’Zix without a counter plan and a team to play around it is going to be the downfall of Splyce if they find themselves in that position. To me, Zac is worthy of first picking for Splyce or a ban from Roccat. Champions to mentions are those we already have seen a fair share of. Sejuani, Skarner, and Kha’Zix are going to be contested picks with Nocturne as a potential outlier.

Mid: Nisqy vs BlanC

Take Azir away from Blanc and the mid and jungle duo might struggle, the Korean import formerly found in the PSG organization has not shown the flexibility that most of the better midlaners have done this split. The ability to play tanks in the form of Sion and Galio has slipped this mans champion pool. Although Nisqy has very few successful games in Galio and Sion, he has shown that he is confident enough to be the roleplayer of Splyce in the form of a tank if it’s needed. Peter Dun who’s Splyce head coach needs to be able to focus bans towards the middle lane, and perhaps picking Azir for themselves to move Blanc away from these comfort pick

In Nisqy’s favor, he has stepped up to be a decisive pawn in the mid lane that can quickly to take hold of a game and go with the flow. The ability for Nisqy to step back and let KaSing and Xerxe make the game flow a little bit easier if Nisqy is put on defending and scaling champions.

Bot: Kobbe & Kasing vs HeaQ & Norskeren

Xerxe with possibly the smallest champion pool in the EU LCS, five champions played over 19 games. I think Roccat needs to let Memento use aggressive carries or playmakers, Zac, Olaf and Kha’Zix are going to receive a lot of attention from both these teams to enable these junglers to play together with their respective midlaner. Where Blanc has shown consistency issues, Nisqy depth of his champion pool is speaking to his advantage. To be able to play champions ranging from Azir, Twisted Fate, and even Sion will be invaluable.  Looking up to the toplane, Profit needs to be put on a tank. I expect Cho’gath to be banned from the start and Splyce to have Swain practiced as an answer into Profit’s choice of tanks.

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