Daffiegames are Frozen


Hey, it's me, Patrik. I am currently working with Top Score Solutions as their Chief Editor, Director of Content and Talent Acquisition. Therefore I am not able to produce content that could publish on both websites. If you want to follow me furthermore, follow me on Twitter to receive updates on both TSS and my achievements in … Continue reading Daffiegames are Frozen

Spring Play-Offs [SPY-ROC]

  Coming into the playoffs, Roccat with eight wins and ten losses and on the upswing from the regular spring season. Comparing this to Splyce, whose record is 11 to 8 and 1-1 head-to-head record against Roccat. Splyce has had the better regular season, that's for sure. Nisqy and company had a hard time to find momentum … Continue reading Spring Play-Offs [SPY-ROC]

WEEK 9 Match up’s & Prediction’s

SATURDAY, MARCH 17, 2018 - DAY 1 W Vs. [1-0] Head to head records 100Thieves, with three straight victories in their back pockets, seem ready to put up a fight today. This is the clash of the “bottom-top.”  If you are a 100Thieves fan, Azir and Skarner are two meta picks that Febiven and Lira have … Continue reading WEEK 9 Match up’s & Prediction’s