Spring Play-Offs [SPY-ROC]

  Coming into the playoffs, Roccat with eight wins and ten losses and on the upswing from the regular spring season. Comparing this to Splyce, whose record is 11 to 8 and 1-1 head-to-head record against Roccat. Splyce has had the better regular season, that's for sure. Nisqy and company had a hard time to find momentum … Continue reading Spring Play-Offs [SPY-ROC]

Kai’Sa Releaseweek Recap.

With the hyperscaling-hybrid-carry playstyle, Kai'Sa fills a very fresh and modern role.  With spells evolving into upgraded states depending on how much added attack damage, ability power, and attack speed you have. Emulating the thoughts of the adaptive scaling and the fact that the champ may feel different from one game to another. According to … Continue reading Kai’Sa Releaseweek Recap.